Advent Sermon Series

Advent Sermon Series:  Christmas Disruption / Christmas Hope
– Main theme:  That the first Christmas (Jesus’ birth) was not expected nor was it convenient for the characters, but God uses it for the ultimate Good. 

November 29th – “Christmas Disruption: Magi” Matthew 2:1-12
Usually the Magi come at the end of the Christmas story, but if you pay attention – their journey (interruption) may have started the earliest! 

December 6th – “Christmas Disruption: Joseph” Matthew 1:18-25
Joseph handles three major interruptions – Pregnancy, census, and flight to Egypt. 

December 13th – “Christmas Disruption: Mary” Luke 1:26-38 
Mary gets the largest interruption and handles it the best – a willing servant. 

December 20th – “Christmas Disruption: Shepherds”  Luke 2:8-20 
A peaceful night is interrupted by Angels – and reminds us who is important in God’s sight. 

December 27th – ONLINE ONLY: “Christmas Hope: Simeon”  Luke 2:25-35
Simeon is one of the few who was NOT interrupted – he was waiting on the Lord. 

January 3rd – “Christmas Hope: Anna” Luke 2:36-40  
Anna was another who was not interrupted – she was waiting on the Lord.