Advent Sermon Series: “Always Winter, Never Christmas”

“Always Winter, Never Christmas”

This year’s Advent sermon series will follow the lectionary texts from Isaiah.  The theme is looking at Christ’s birth from the perspective of those who waited for Him (as opposed to us today who have seen His arrival.)

November 27 – Isaiah 2:1-5 “Always Winter, Never Christmas”

December 4 – Isaiah 11:1-10 “Winter is Planting Season”

December 11 – Isaiah 35:1-10 “Who Wants a New Driveway for Christmas?”

December 18 – Isaiah 7:10-16 “God With Us”

December 25 – Luke 2:1-20 “Wait, We Have Church Today?”

January 1, 2017 – Matthew 2:12-23 “The Battle for Christmas”