Intercultural Workshop

Saturday, October29th at 1:30-4:00 p.m.
We live in a diverse world—followers of Christ need tools to help them understand themselves and their neighbors better. This workshop on intercultural intelligence will help you identify and articulate cultural difference while learning how to be less judgmental and more curious about others.
The workshop will be interactive and will contain activities related to:

  • Perception management
  • The three colors of worldview (innocence/guilt, honor/shame, fear/power)
  • Dynamics of culture (universal ways that individuals behave in society)
  • Talking about creating third culture spaces
  • Tips on growing in ICI

Bethel Bible Fellowship
1944 E. Heron Pkwy
Carrollton TX

Price: Free. 
Registration requested
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The workshop is by Mosaic Formation and facilitated by Cindy Wu.