Summer Sermon Series

“Did I Offend You?”

A sermon series about taking an honest look at the polarizing issues in our culture and reminding us that we must practice our disagreement in love.

July 12 – Judges 21:15-25; 1 Sam 8:4-9  “A Bridge Where There is No River” (Politics)

July 19 – Revelation 21:22-27  “The Gifts of Race”

July 26 – Acts 17:16-34  “Maybe that Barbeque Wasn’t Such a Good Idea” (Religious pluralism)

August 2 – Ecclesiastes 2:1-11; 12:13-14  “Cover Your Eyes!  It’s the Disney Channel!” (Sexuality)

August 9 – Romans 1:18-32;  Song of Songs 3:1-5  “Who has the Issue?  On Homosexuality”

August 16 – 1 Timothy 5:22-25  “So I Should Cancel that Vegas Vacation?” (Taboos)

August 23 – Exodus 31:12-17  “Why Didn’t I Offend You? On Sabbath”

August 30 – 1 John 1:5-7   “Why Didn’t I Offend You?  On Worship & Community”


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