Our Core Values

REDEMPTION – We believe a relationship with Jesus Christ can bring redemption from huge mistakes, from guilt and shame, and from past, present, and future sins.  It is an ongoing process which we celebrate every week and which we hope takes place in every person who encounters our church.

COMMUNITY – We believe God works in individual lives and through our connections with others.  We will foster church community by serving on ministry teams, offering community groups for discipleship, and making personal connection a priority during our Sunday morning worship service.

AUTHENTICITY – We are aware that churches often hide their embarrassing faults and operate on a superficial level to please people. We reject this notion, knowing that God will expose all deeds to the light.  We will do our best to live with integrity – honestly, transparently, and graciously – before Christ.

RESOURCEFUL – We believe God gives us gifts of resources and creativity and that many gifts, especially those of children and the elderly, are neglected by the Church.  We believe our church is a place where ‘diamonds in the rough’ can flourish.

DIVERSITY – We seek to be a welcoming place for people from a variety of backgrounds (diversity in age, other denominations of the Christian faith, economic class, race and perspective).

HEALING – We acknowledge the reality of sin in our world and the damage it can do to groups and individuals.  We embrace the command of our Lord to heal the nations, to restore individuals to right relationship with God, and to seek healing (physical, spiritual, and emotional) for our members.