Current Sermon Series

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“Never Rush the Dry Seasons”

April 19th – “Never Rush the Dry Seasons” 2 Samuel 24:10-16

Theme / Story:  There’s a Census and a plague (Sound familiar?) but at the end of it, the foundation of the temple is built.  God uses our dry seasons to do new things.

April 26th – “Dry Seasons:  Revelation”  Genesis 16:7-14

Theme / Story: Hagar who, after being expelled by Abram & Sarai, meets God and names Him.  Our dry seasons should give us cause us to seek and receive new “revelations” (insights) of God’s character.

May 3rd – “Dry Seasons: Reconciliation”  Genesis 28:10-22; 33:1-4

Theme / Story: Dry seasons are a tremendous opportunity for reconciliation – to make relationships right.  This can be reconciliation with God, with others, or even with our situations.

May 10th – “Dry Seasons: God’s Power” Matthew 9:18-26

Theme / Story:  Dry seasons are often a fruitful time to see MORE of God’s power than we would otherwise.  In the case of these two women, Jesus’ power is revealed to be beyond doctors and beyond life and death.

May 17th – “Dry Seasons: Reflection” Galatians 1:13-17

Theme / Story:  Dry seasons are an important time for an often neglected task:  Reflection & Solitude.  Many Christians forget that St. Paul – before he was a saint or a paul – took time after his conversion to go to the desert to reflect on what God had done in his life.

May 24th – “THE DRY SEASON:  Tranformation”  Deuteronomy 8:1-5  

Theme / Story:  The story of the Exodus is THE story of the desert / wilderness experience.  It covers a lot!  But for this Sunday I want to emphasis transformation.  We should change in the desert – in our thinking, in our behavior, in our actions.    

May 31st  “No More Dry Seasons:  The Spirit Rains (Reigns)” Philippians 1:3-6

Theme / Story: This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday.  I will point out that with the gift of the Spirit we are never alone.  The verse I want to focus on is Phil 1:6 – He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion – reminding us of the future we have in Jesus Christ.