Summer Sermons

Pandemic Kingdom
In June and July, we focus on how the world around us changes while God (& the Kingdom) do not change.  We will compare the incredible changes that took place between the Old Testament and the New Testament with some of the changes that we face in the aftermath of the pandemic. 

June 5th Congregational Worship + Special Video Presentation
June 12th Missionary Visit:  Ken Olson
June 19th “Pandemic Kingdom #1: God Has Wheels” Ezekiel 10:1-5; 18-22
June 26thPandemic Kingdom #2: Alexander the Great & Zoom Worship” Acts 21:37-22:2
July 3rd Guest speaker (Mark Gone)
July 10th Missionary Visit:  Minh Dao (Mark Gone)
July 17th “Pandemic Kingdom #3: The Maccabees and Mask Mandates” Matthew 22:15-22
July 24th “Pandemic Kingdom #4: Political Parties, New Testament Style” Acts 23:6-11
July 31st “Pandemic Kingdom #5: The (Roman) Empire Strikes Back” John 19:9-11