Sunday Sermons

October 21, 2018 “This is Diversity: Privilege”

Mark 8:22-25; Luke 14:7-11 As a multi-ethnic church, we name privilege – the advantages and blind spots whites have. – Mark Mohrweis

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October 14, 2018 “Stanley Wang, guest preacher”

Continuing with the sermon series “This is Diversity” – Guest speaker, Stanley Wang

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October 7, 2018 “This is Diversity: Lament”

Psalm 74 Learning how to lament – publicly processing pain – as a congregation. – Mark Mohrweis

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September 30, 2018 “This is Diversity: Hard Topics”

1 Kings 22:1-23 Moving forward in diversity requires a commitment to talking on and talking through tough stuff. – Mark Mohrweis

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September 23, 2018 “This is Diversity: The Gift of Diversity”

Genesis 1:26, Psalm 8:4-6, Revelation 7:9-10 We remember that Diversity is first and foremost a GIFT from a CREATIVE Giver. – Dieula Previlon

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