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July 25, 2021 “KEYgdom: Part 4 – Responsibilities”

Matthew 13:47-50, 51-52 Matthew 16:13-20 “KEYgdom: Part 4 – Responsibilities”– God’s kindness to us includes giving us responsibilities. What is our response to Christ? Set you mind on things above. How do we sustain our ministry? Depend on and follow the Holy Spirit. What is our responsibility?

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July 18, 2021 “KEYgdom: Part 3 – Value”

Matthew 13:44, 45 Matthew 16:13-20 “KEYgdom: Part 3 – Value” – Theme: The Kingdom of Heaven is of great value. Invest in it, offer your best to build on earth, and enjoy it!– Pastor Tre’ Crume Watch the service here. The message begins around the 14 minute

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