You Complete Me: The Book of James

fall-sermon-series-web“You Complete Me:  The Book of James”

Going along with our 2016 theme “It’s not you, it’s me,” we take this final step: we are not complete until we care about others, especially when it comes to compassion and service. 

October 2:  James 1:1-18  “With God’s Help, We Will”

October 9:  James 1:19-27  “You Complete Me”

October 16:  James 3:1-12  “Worlds in Which Other People Must Live”

October 23:  James 2 – Pastor Dieula preaching

October 30:  James 3:13-18  “Wisdom Sends Out Birthday Cards”

November 6:  James 4:13-5:6  “Be Careful with that Christmas Bonus”

November 13:  Special Worship Thanksgiving Sunday!

November 20:  James 5:13-20  “God’s Human Resources:  His Followers”