COVID-19 Update for June

                                                                           May 31st, 2020

Redeemer Family –

We want to keep you updated on our quest to resume in-person ministry at Redeemer. 

Our church council met via Zoom on May 26th.  Earlier this month we had set June as a target date to resume in person worship on Sunday mornings at Redeemer.  However, we had some target goals in place we needed to reach before we re-opened.  On May 26th we decided we had made progress, but we aren’t quite ready to resume in-person worship.      

For those wondering what those targets were, we had a few different areas we were looking at.  First, we wanted the necessary cleaning supplies in place to keep our building sanitized.  As most of you know, these supplies are not easy to find nowadays.  In addition, we wanted to have a plan for music (since singing is dangerous during COVID-19) and children’s ministry (since kids do not follow social distancing rules).  We wanted our technology to be at a point where people could still participate fully via Facebook Live if they could not join in person.  Finally, we wanted a contingency plan in place should a person who tests positive for COVID-19 attend Redeemer.      

As I said, we have made great progress in our goals over the past month, particularly our cleaning supplies.  However, we still have work to do in some of the other areas.  At this point, we are looking to July as a potential resuming in-person ministry.  If you are interested in hearing more details about this decision or if you have any questions, please plan on attending the Congregational Update on June 7th at 11:45 (via Zoom – invite will be sent out this week).

In Christ,
– Pastor Mark

Mark Mohrweis
Senior Pastor
Redeemer Evangelical Covenant Church