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May 22, 2022 “We Worship Through our Routines”

Exodus 23:10-17 Pastor Mark’s message today is “We Worship Through our Routines” Theme: God gives the people Sabbath, and yearly festivals. – In addition to behavior, God asks us to worship in regular intervals.  For the Israelites, this could be sabbath or a festival. – For us it

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April 24, 2022

Exodus 15:1-21 Message from Pastor Mark: “We Worship: A New Song” Theme: The Israelites sing after being delivered at the Red Sea – God delivers his people at the parting of the Red Sea. – In response, the Israelites compose a song in worship. – This passage is

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April 3, 2022, “God Does the Passover”

Exodus 12:1-20 Today’s message from Pastor Mark Mohrweis is “God Does the Passover”Theme: The Israelites are delivered from Egypt through the Passover. – The Israelites are delivered from Egypt.  At the same time a practice of WORSHIP (Passover) is initiated. – Jesus will be our Passover lamb

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